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Wilson whitetail Sep 22nd 2019 12:16 PM

We just started the deer farm 2 years ago it is been a ride lol. I wanted to thank you guys for all the info on this board it is very handy for a rookie. We got some nice bucks coming on really good. I posted timber today and I will put a few more on here soon. Thanks again

Wilson whitetail Oct 27th 2019 01:26 AM

Sunny Boy better pic
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This is Sunny Boy !!!! He is a great looking 2 yr old.

Better picture of him!!!!!

Wilson whitetail Nov 5th 2019 05:15 PM

Sundown another 2 yr old buck
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This Sunny Boy Twin. 140 + 8.

MajesticWhotetails Nov 6th 2019 04:05 AM

Nice looking Bucks. Ive also been in it for 2 yrs. Its been a good ride. Started out wrong but now its coming along better. I lost some fawns to Ecoli in the spring, So that was set back for sure. Good luck to ya!!

Wilson whitetail Nov 6th 2019 12:22 PM

We lost some fawns as well. Thank you and good luck to you as well buddy!!!!

Wilson whitetail Nov 29th 2019 06:48 PM

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Attachment 20623

Wilson whitetail Nov 29th 2019 07:17 PM

yearlings sky and hightower
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Both of these guys was 125 inch yearling.

Rudolph Dec 2nd 2019 06:07 AM

Nice bucks for sure:)

Wilson whitetail Dec 2nd 2019 08:54 PM

Thank you !!!!!

Wilson whitetail Jan 10th 2020 05:38 AM

T-BO is 250 + inch's @ 2 1/2 HE WAS 145+ INCH YEARLING
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This guy is the man. T-BO is breeding this year and a few more we hope. Very excited to see his babies. His mom is out of peach and Blue 37 and O105 just loaded. Yes I have the papers on T-BO mom to back it.
There is some other deer on the farm that are loaded, Peacock,Mountain Ranger, a line of Max,Maxbo as well.

Brush Creek Monsters Jan 11th 2020 07:17 AM

My husband Brad Moore has worked with Jake for a long time, we would love to come out and see your place sometime. Your pics are amazing thanks for sharing.

Wilson whitetail Jan 11th 2020 08:42 PM

Would love to have you guys out. Tell MR. Moore I said hi.

Brush Creek Monsters Jan 12th 2020 06:06 AM

Will do!!!!

Wilson whitetail Jan 12th 2020 02:30 PM

Thank you!!

catherineharris Jan 16th 2020 06:20 AM

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