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  Mar 2018

Cervid: whitetail deer
Question asidosis

hi everyone,my name is mike and i have just started a deer farm.i purchased 3 deer 1 10pt that scored around 196" and his buck and doe yearlings.after feeding them animal crackers as snacks(something i heard on one of these threads)because they seemed to like them.soon after i got them came holloween so i then introduced some pumpkins and apples all in moderation and they still seemed fine.only after adding corn did the ten point get what i believe was corn toxicity.i have gotten differing responses and do not want to loose another.i am asking if any one has experienced asidosis in their herd and if so how do you think it happened.thanks p.s. when gutting Bullwinkle he had definate signs bleeding in to his organs and digestive tract
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  Jan 2010
too much corn - pellets and alfalfa and a bit of corn is all they need
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Old Jan 16th 2019, 04:32 AM   #3
  Apr 2009
acidosis is a very common thing that kills deer! Too much corn is usually the problem! You should be vaccinating for over eating. So sorry to hear about your loss. JUst remember if your in the deer business you are going to lose deer and sometimes you are the cause and sometimes your not! JIM
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  Apr 2009
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How much corn is to much? or is the cause because of just corn and NO alfalfa or roughage? My textured feed has a lot of corn in it, and NO issues, but I do feed quality alfalfa. I have heard of some Micotoxins being present in corn that may not have been dried properly causing issues and deaths.

Were you giving roughage? Hay? or straight corn ? Thank you
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  Sep 2016
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Cervid: Whitetail
I had a similar incident where my buck was as wide as a cow and the vet came out and basically told me he was sorry. Fortunately my buck was a bottle fed and I squirted a whole tube of fawn paste in his mouth and kept getting him up to walk around and poop! My buck lived, but didn't ever grow as large of a rack. Basically the stomachs can only break down so much corn as it's harder for them to break it down so when they're fed too much it they can't break it down in the stomachs and the corn goes into the intestines with stomach acid on it and it fries holes in the intestines. That's how I understand it, but I'm just a builder! LOL!! A little corn in the winter is good as it warms their bellies, but I stop when the fawns hit the ground. Some fawns will just pick out the corn and you'll find them dead.
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