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Old Aug 7th 2019, 11:30 PM   #1
  Aug 2019
Question New with questions

Hello everyone,
Somehow I stumbled across you all this evening which Iím glad I did as I have learned a couple things already so thought I would tell my story and any advice appreciated!
My bf sons gf (young girl 22 I think and not very wise) walked in the door one night holding a fawn and said it was laying in the road and was going to get ran over. She said it was a twin and the twin was laying in the ditch. Why we didnít just scoot it to the ditch I donít know🤦🏻*♀️😡 anyhow after the few minutes ooooís and ahís and how cute I said ok where did it come from we need to put it back and the girl had left. She said she didnít know exactly where just down the road. Well pardon me but I said WTF north south what?! Anyhow I got nowhere and have been feeding this baby for about 6 weeks now. We did attempt to find its mom the next day but no luck. I didnít have the heart to hope I put it back where she thought she found it and hope itís mom would take it after we touched all over it. So here I am a deer momma. My hope is it will eventually wonder out with the deer and go back to where she belongs. Itís made me angry because the poor thing doesnít not belong with us it belongs in the wild. Iím guessing it was a day old as it still had the umbilical cord dry of course but like 6inches long. But I donít know anything so who knows maybe older but so so tiny. Sheís happy as can be and loves us. I have given her plenty of milk but not to much, sheís eating calf manna and Iíve recenty bought some trail mix stuff and mixed in her calf manna. She loves romaine hearts! Iím now starting to cut a branch here and there off different things around our property that we have for her to nibble on. Recently her hair on her head has started thinning turned kinda a grey color and is now falling out. Thereís one spot on her back small spot where hair is gone. What are your thoughts? Is it shedding for winter coat? But the hair on her head going first seems odd. Sheís only wondered out twice all this time she stays up on our covered deck and would prefer to come inside to sleep in the closet 😬 she has a bed on the deck covered so she feels hidden with alfalfa hay. Any guidance on anything would be appreciated Iíd like to give her the best chance at making it back out where she belongs and have heard when she goes into heat she will go with the other deer please tell me Iím right?!
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Old Aug 8th 2019, 02:58 PM   #2
  Jul 2012
She needs sun and access to dirt. The least invention you have with her the better chance she will have to survive. Good luck.
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Old Aug 8th 2019, 09:04 PM   #3
  Sep 2017
You can add a crushed up flint stone vitamin to her bottle once a day. Most of the time when hair falls out it is from lack of vitamin d. Like jersey said needs more sun
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Old Sep 1st 2019, 11:09 PM   #4
  Sep 2019
Hello, you are welcome to call me. We have raised a few fawns. Let me know if you would like my.number.

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Old Nov 7th 2019, 05:51 AM   #5
  Nov 2019
You can add some vitamins

Hi i just joined today. I currently work as Customer Support Executive at toronto condos. You can include some vitamins in her milk bottle that way it will make it stronger.

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