Compression Shows Potential for Velvet Removal

The New Zealand deer industry has been looking for non-drug methods of velvet antler removal for some time. The driving forces are concerns for animal welfare and possible drug contamination of velvet antler destined for human consumption. The ideal removal procedures are a) humane, b) sans side effects, c) quick and d) easy, convenient and … Continue reading

Antlers – To Cut or Not to Cut?

When raising whitetails, the decision to cut the antlers off your bucks every year should be strictly one of management and economics. The reason for such a statement is because if it were one of aesthetics, I’m sure no one would cut the antlers off these majestic animals, which are the pride of all our … Continue reading

A Key to Bigger Antlers

Whether you are raising elk or red deer for the velvet antler market, or whitetail bucks for hunting preserves, bigger antlers mean more profits. So what are the secrets to growing larger antlers? Dr. George Bubenik, a University of Guelph zoology professor, has spent the last 35 years studying deer and their antlers. He feels … Continue reading