Deer Farming

The Lighter Side of Reindeer

We all know how important cleanliness is for our reindeer. My guess is that it wasn’t a reindeer that preached this practice, because if this was the case, then WHY: Once you give reindeer fresh, clean water, do they immediately put their dirty hooves into the water BEFORE they drink it? After you slave to … Continue reading

Sending Deer to School

The deer and elk industries still rely pretty heavily on tranquilizing the animals for testing, treatment and artificial insemination. This practice carries with it a number of risks: You could lose your pants and get grass stains on your butt and privates. Some deer never recover from tranquilization and die. You are injecting powerful chemicals … Continue reading

Why Wildlife Management Departments Don’t Like Game Farms

The real reason that Montana voted down game farms was purely a financial one and not one of animal health. We are all for healthy animals, but the pressure on legislators was brought to bear by the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) and by hundreds of guide service owners (voters) who believe they already have … Continue reading

The Positives of Chronic Wasting Disease

By now, we are all very aware of the negative consequences that CWD has brought to the deer and elk farming industry in North America. These include: loss of significant markets for velvet antler due to Korean ban on imports; restrictions (up to five years) on the inter-state and inter-provincial movement of cervids; de-population of … Continue reading

The 30 Roles of a Deer Farmer

A deer farmer is a brave individual who chooses to operate a deer farm. This person will work many jobs each day utilizing all 24 hours on the clock. The deer farmer plays at least 30 different roles in life. The following provides an insight into the types of knowledge, skills and activities that will … Continue reading

Rethinking Wildlife Management

There are three main groups interested in the welfare and control of wildlife. Firstly, there are those who like to hunt and fish. These are the sportsmen. The more animals there are to hunt and the more fish there are to fish the happier this group is. If they could, they would hunt and fish … Continue reading

Responding to Negative Media

Deer and elk farmers have been dismayed about all the negative media coverage our industry has been getting lately. Here is a rebuttal written by very knowledgeable person. Use these “facts” and examples to respond to misleading articles in your local media. I was forwarded a copy of your article on CWD published 31 March, … Continue reading


Reindeer are members of the genus Rangifer tarandus that also includes the caribou. They are part of the Cervide (deer) family. Some confusion has arisen over the differences between the words reindeer and caribou. The animals are called caribou in North America, and reindeer in Europe and Russia. The exception to this is the group … Continue reading

Reflections of a Deer Farmer

We are deer farmers! But we are also Americans and Canadians. We bled and spit the dust and stench of September 11 from both sides of our common border. And we cannot conceive of the act. As other towers dropped, steel and flesh became one. And we now reflect. We try to reflect during Christmas … Continue reading

Questions and Answers about Deer Farming

I get questions about deer farming and starting a deer farm almost every day. Here are my answers to the most common questions. Q: Why should I raise whitetail deer? The whitetail is the most sought after big game animal in North America. As long as hunting remains a legal pastime there will be a … Continue reading