Deer Farming

Proud to be a Deer Farmer

I am a little disheartened with the many negative comments directed at my industry of late. Yes, we have been faced with many problems lately in the game farm industry. However, our problems are no more or less than those of any other livestock/grain farming sector. Every livestock farmer deals with the threat of herd … Continue reading

Notes from an Animal Rights Conference

After several requests by Conservation Force, an international sustainable use conservation organization located in Louisiana, I agreed to attend the annual animal rights meeting. The Conference ran from June 30 to July 5, 2001 at the Hilton Hotel in McLean, Virginia, USA. John Jackson, Chairman of Conservation Force, believed that it was important for hunters … Continue reading

Deer Photography Tips

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was a professional photographer. Yes, I took the photography courses, worked in the darkroom and owned a photography studio in Toronto. I did weddings, passports, commercial photography and all the other things photographers do. Against this background, it is understandable that I get pretty frustrated with … Continue reading

Dealing with Game Farming Opponents

In addition to working with the deer, elk and reindeer associations, my current clients include associations for goat breeders, fruit growers and market gardeners (as well as dentists, pharmacists and ambulance drivers). All these groups are similar and all face common challenges – developing new markets, educating their memberships, securing a favorable legislative environment and … Continue reading

Coats of Many Colors

I have done some research on whitetail deer and their colors. Whitetail deer are usually brown and white. But there are variations, from all black to all white and a combination of brown and white. The hair color of a normally brown whitetail might vary in a wide array of shades and patterns. Black or … Continue reading

Animal Rights Folks Prey Upon the Gullible

After reading my e-mail this week, I feel the urge to say it one more time. They (the rest of the world) hate us because we can afford to allow wrong-headed, self-indulgent organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to dictate society’s agenda and inflict their narrow-minded views on the rest of … Continue reading

A Korean perspective on their Cervid Import Ban

First of all, I would like to tender my heartfelt gratitude to the American Elk Products Board and the Michigan Deer and Elk Farmers Association for inviting me to Michigan. On July 24th, I had the privilege of visiting the Michigan Department of Agriculture, MSU veterinarian school and an elk farm. I was really impressed … Continue reading