The Decline in Hunting

The future of fishing and hunting in America does not look good. In the 18 to 24 year age group, fishing participation dropped from 20% in 1991 to 13% in 2001 (Source: U.S. Fish & Wildlife survey). For the same age group, hunting participation dropped from 9% in 1991 to ONLY 6% in 2001! A … Continue reading

Setting Up a Hunting Preserve

As the deer and elk farming industry grows, more operators are considering setting up hunting preserves to complement the production side of their business. If you are thinking of establishing a “high wire” hunting operation, this article looks at some of the factors that you should consider. The popularity and use of hunting preserves is … Continue reading

Hunting Behind Wire – A Psychological Analysis

I can’t think of any more emotionally-charged topic than hunting farms or hunting behind wire! And yet, if you are a deer or elk farmer, the controversy over hunting preserves could have a profound impact on the future success and viability of your industry. Along with velvet antler and venison sales, the hunting preserve market … Continue reading

Code of Ethics for Hunting Preserves

Many organizations and associations have a code of ethics or code of conduct. These are a set of rules by which members of those associations agree to abide. Because of the diversity of opinions regarding hunting preserves, operators would be wise to adopt and follow a code of ethics. This code assures clients, and the … Continue reading

Bagging Your Venison the Hard Way

Ah, November – the days are short, the weather is cool and there is snow on the ground. It is also deer hunting season – a time when millions of Canadians and Americans head to the woods to get some venison for their freezers. I too feel this urge to shoot a deer to supply … Continue reading

A Case for Legalizing Hunting Preserves

The Alberta Elk Association (AEA) and the Alberta Whitetail and Mule Deer Association (AWMDA) are requesting changes in legislation and regulations to legalize “cervid harvest preserves” (CHPs), or hunt farms, in Alberta. The Associations are holding joint public information sessions across the province to make the public aware of the proposal and to hear their … Continue reading