Using Media Releases

Imagine a reporter or editor of a newspaper, especially a smaller community weekly publication, constantly looking to find stories to fill space for the next edition. A well-written media release arrives in his e-mail box. He cuts and pastes the story into the next edition of the newspaper. You just made his job a lot … Continue reading

The 4 B’s of Successful Marketing

If you are raising deer as a business (and not for pets or as a hobby) effective marketing is critical to your profitability. Here are some factors, that if implemented, will contribute to your marketing success. BEING THE BEST – Consumers today expect quality. Mediocrity is not acceptable! You need to be the best in … Continue reading

Profiting from Discussion Forums

I am a big fan of networking and discussing issues in online discussion boards – or forums. I’ve frequently been asked if this is a really profitable way to spend one’s time. My answer is that, if done properly, it can be. In fact, it can be VERY profitable! Done wrong, you can spend many … Continue reading

Markets for Deer Hides and Leathers

A study for Alberta Agriculture by Brett Oliver-Lyons examined the potential markets for leather from alternative livestock. Here are the key findings: The largest market demand for deer hides is in the United States and China. Current production of deer hides in western Canada is about 30,000. This number is insufficient to supply a value-added … Continue reading

Marketing Your Deer and Elk Products

Now that you have a farm full of deer and elk, what are you going to do with them? You need to sell them to obtain revenues to pay for the expenses related to your farm, and hopefully make a profit. We will cover some of the basic concepts and steps related to “marketing” your … Continue reading

Marketing through Events

I thought it would be appropriate to discuss how to use events as part of your marketing strategy. By marketing through events, I am primarily referring to having display booths at conferences and trade shows. Marketing at relevant industry events has a number of advantages: High numbers and concentration of your target audience. If you … Continue reading

Marketing through Classified Ads

The Deer Farmer Classifieds continue to be the busiest section of our website. Although we do not have any hard data on how successful advertisers are, the feedback we receive is that they work – extremely well in a few cases. One farmer sent us a note a day after advertising a piebald buck. He … Continue reading

Marketing the Elk Industry in Difficult Times

When the going gets tough, the tough get marketing! Now is not the time to back off on our marketing. Rather, as an industry and as individual producers we need to accelerate our efforts to develop new and expanded consumer demand for our elk products and services. How we got into this mess In its … Continue reading

Making Effective Use of Brochures

Do you have effective brochures for your deer/elk business, products and services? If you don’t, you should add brochures to your marketing toolbox! Brochures should be considered “throwaways” because most people generally don’t keep them. Hopefully, people do read the brochure, but most often it ends up in the garbage. As a result, be careful … Continue reading

Food Festivals to Promote Cervid Products

As deer and elk numbers continue to increase on North American farms, our industry needs to develop and expand the markets for venison. One way consumers and chefs can be made aware of this specialty cuisine is through food festivals. I am currently involved with several of my clients in organizing the Alberta Prairie Heritage … Continue reading