Facts and Myths about Marketing

If you are a deer or elk farmer developing a marketing program for your animals or related products and services, here are some research findings that you should keep in mind. First, the facts about marketing. Most purchasing decisions are made in the unconscious. Repetition is the secret to accessing the unconscious mind of people. … Continue reading

Direct Marketing

With all the recent fascination with electronic communications technologies – Internet, cell phones, broadcast television, radio, fax – many agri-businesses have neglected an old marketing tool – direct mail marketing. There are several good reasons why you should consider direct mail marketing. These are: It can be done from anywhere. Business owners in small communities in … Continue reading

Creating an Online Store for Deer and Elk Farmers

For help with domain names, hosting, website design and development, or social media, we at Deer Farmer strongly recommend Random Computers, as they will take care of all your website needs. It all seems so simple. Build a store on the Internet with exposure to millions of buyers. Sell tons of velvet antler and make lots of money … Continue reading

55 Marketing Tools for Deer and Elk Products and Services

Here are 55 promotional tools that you can use to market your deer/elk products and services. Many are low-cost or free. Remember, the more of these tools that you use, the more effective your marketing will be! Name – Pick a good one. Be sure people can pronounce it, spell it, that it does not … Continue reading