Why Deer Die

In the fall of 2000, Dr. John Berezowski of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (Saskatoon, Canada) sent out a survey to identify what diseases affect the deer industry in Canada and the United States. Some 167 deer/elk farmers (32% of the total sample) and 8 veterinary labs returned the surveys. The total numbers of … Continue reading

What DNA Testing Can Do for Me

We have recently heard the call for DNA testing of white-tailed deer and elk. But the questions that immediately come to mind are… what is a DNA test and why do you need one? We may have heard about DNA in school or even in the news lately but it has never really had an … Continue reading

Transporting Deer and Elk

Elk and deer travel very well, given proper conditions. Safe, efficient and humane transportation requires thoughtful preparation, careful handling and proper design. Some key points to remember: prepare the groups for shipment well in advance. Sort them into same size/age/gender groups, and allow them to establish social relationships before loading, preferably for a week or … Continue reading

The Follies of Tranquilizing Deer

Many of us deer farmers have had some pretty wild experiences when it comes to tranquilizing deer. Although there have been some improvements in the drugs recently, it still can be nerve rattling to put down one of your best deer. Back before Telezol, straight Rompin was the drug most widely used. It was my … Continue reading

Summer Tips for Reindeer Farmers

We’ve had more than our share of 90 degree days here in Michigan this year. Our reindeer are doing fine with the fans we provide and having access to plenty of water. We’ve noticed in past years that the reindeer, especially the younger ones, tend to get diarrhea if even a small amount of algae … Continue reading

Quality Assurance in the Elk Industry

As a consumer, how comfortable are you in purchasing and eating elk products such as meat and elk velvet antler products? With CWD (mistakenly equated with mad cow disease) stories circulating in the media, who could blame the ordinary consumer from shying away from our products. It is critical to the success of our industry … Continue reading

Preparing Deer and Elk for Winter

Fall is in the air, the rut is here and it’s time to start thinking about hunting and managing our herds in preparation for winter… and we never know what we will get for winter weather this year! I think the last few winters have been so mild that many of us have been lulled … Continue reading

Is Your Quality Assurance up to Standards?

Farming is changing! This is having a significant impact on the elk and deer industry. In this new world of farming, the following trends have evolved. We produce for the world, rather than for local or regional markets; thus we are affected by, and must comply with, rules made in faraway lands. Production is world-wide; … Continue reading

Handling Whitetails – Part 4 of 4

For any apparatus to evolve, the element of need and change has to be there. With Alberta’s regulations, the need to restrain our deer was there right from the beginning. Because of the need to do things better and the need to keep abreast with changes within our industry, improvements to our equipment were necessary. … Continue reading

Handling Whitetails – Part 3 of 4

You’re probably wondering how much longer the deer that we rounded up in the Part II article will have to remain in the gathering pen before they can go back to pasture!!! Actually 3 hours or 40 days is no big deal, as long as your animals are fed, and comfortable. You’ll find they adapt … Continue reading