Handling Whitetails – Part 2 of 4

How time flies! The year isĀ 2001, and my New Year’s resolution is to help deer farmers to not be so dependent on drugs. Handling deer can sometimes be a little intimidating but should never be so difficult that a person resorts to using drugs to get the job done. Oh, by the way, I’m talking … Continue reading

Handling Whitetails – Part 1 of 4

A series of articles pertaining to the handling of whitetail deer is not going to be any small task. I’m sure it will prove to be a very ambitious undertaking. Even though something like this should have been done a long time ago, I’m not sure who would have been qualified to do it. You … Continue reading

Elk on a Beef Farm

Many new elk farmers come to our industry from a background in the beef business. Many more beef farmers are watching our industry grow, and considering the possibility of adding an elk component to their beef farm. For those with an understanding of cattle production, the following discussion will allow you to think about elk … Continue reading

Buying Breeding Stock

Deer and elk farmers who have been in the business for some time have developed an instinct based on their experiences for purchasing of breeding animals. For the rest of us, it is one scary thought, especially if you are about to part with a significant amount of your hard earned cash. Because the deer … Continue reading

Autopsies – A Source of Information

I’m sure you have heard it said many times – “If you have livestock, you will always have dead stock.” What do you do with your animals when they die? I suppose that if you are participating in a CWD monitoring program, you have to send the head (or part of it) to the lab … Continue reading