The Lighter Side of Reindeer

We all know how important cleanliness is for our reindeer. My guess is that it wasn’t a reindeer that preached this practice, because if this was the case, then WHY:

  1. Once you give reindeer fresh, clean water, do they immediately put their dirty hooves into the water BEFORE they drink it?
  2. After you slave to wash out their stalls and provide them with a clean area and bedding, do they wait until they enter the clean area to deposit their feces and urine?
  3. Once you start to rake up their feces, do they come running to take turns to stomp on your rake and refuse to move in order for you to get the job done?
  4. After you spend hours mowing their pen areas to keep the weeds and long stems down, do they immediately go to the fresh mowed area in search of weeds?

Also, did you know that:

  1. Reindeer love to ignore you until you are busy or ready to leave the barn yard?
  2. When you think you have these critters all figured out … they’ll make a liar out of you every time!
  3. As soon as you brag about something your reindeer will do … they won’t do it!
  4. Reindeer spook easily UNLESS they are standing on your foot … nothing will make them move then!
  5. Reindeer don’t like to chew on your hair UNLESS you just fixed it to go somewhere and you end up leaving with a wet, saliva hairdo!
  6. If you try to take ONE reindeer out for a walk … they all decide they want to go at the same time … and now!
  7. Reindeer don’t get into any trouble unless you’re in a hurry to get to an appointment.
  8. Reindeer do talk to you. They start with the eyes … then the head … then a burp. If that doesn’t get your attention, they pound on you with their hooves … if still no response … they budge you with their antlers. If they are really frustrated after all their efforts, they will bark up a storm, snort at you and walk away mad … not letting you near them for the rest of the day!
  9. If you are playing with them and want to quit but they don’t, and you climb a tree to get away from them … they will actually try climbing up after you!
  10. If a reindeer does not want to be on display, it is sure to put you on one by placing its antlers under your blouse and pulling it up.
  11. Reindeer will run under shelter BEFORE it starts to hail … leaving you clueless and out to pasture while you are getting pounded by hail.
  12. Reindeer can’t jump a fence but can squeeze through the smallest of openings … like a sponge.
  13. Halter and lead rope trained or trained to pull doesn’t mean we trained them at all. All they do is stand there while we place the halter and/or harness on them. Then all they have to do is walk … and they already know how to do that! Show me a reindeer that will fetch its own halter or harness, pull a sled without a driver, go to the grocery store, give the clerk a list of groceries and deliver the groceries back home … then I will believe the reindeer is trained! Otherwise, we don’t train reindeer, they train us!

By Barbara Bindenagel